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This collection contains resources for those interested in digital humanities and digital history, including digital history projects, toolkits, peer-reviewed articles and tutorials, and books. These resources and tools can be used in museum settings, as well as for personal and professional development.


Samantha Frost


February 8, 2024


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The Programming Historian website features peer-reviewed tutorials for a variety of digital tools, techniques, and workflows. Lessons include data management, data manipulation, web scraping, digital publishing, machine learning, as well as…

The Python for Everybody (PY4E) website contains free tutorials and materials for learning how to code with Python. PY4E also links to "coursera" (University of Michigan) where users can complete the training course and earn a certificate in Python…

The #DLFteach toolkits is an openly available and peer reviewed set of lesson plans for digital pedagogy. Lesson plans include goals, preparation, and session outlines, for a variety of topics including digital exhibits & archives, text analysis and…

The Data Sitters Club, created by Lee Skallerup Bessette, Katherine Bowers, Maria Sachiko Cecire, Quinn Dombrowski, Anouk Lang, and Roopika Risam, is a guide to computational text analysis as well as how to apply digital humanities methods to digital…

Doing Digital History is a digital project designed to educate scholars and the public about the field of digital history. The project contains interviews with scholars about digital history projects, presentations and essays, syllabi and student…

Digital History, written by Daniel J. Cohen and Roy Rosenzweig. provides an introduction to the web intended for historians, teachers, students, museum professionals, and anyone who wishes to create an online historical work. The book surveys the…

Digital Humanities Quarterly is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal, covering any topic related to digital humanities. DHQ is a digital journal, publishing scholarly articles, case studies, field reports, opinion pieces, experiments, and reviews.
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