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This collection serves as an annotated bibliography of suggested readings and resources, containing blog posts, articles, and links for free trials of books relating to the museum field, public history, and material culture.


Samantha Frost


February 1, 2024



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This blog post, posted by When You Work at a Museum, serves as a crowd-sourced advice column for emerging museum professionals looking to learn more about the intricacies of the profession,

This MuseumsNext blog post, written by Catriona Wilson, explores what museum curation looks like in the United States and Europe, specialized degrees and required trainings, what constitutes "entry level" positions, while providing transparency about…

The Connecting to Collections Care webinar archive contains webinars dating back to 2011, with a wide range of topics including the care of different kinds of museum collections, agents of deterioration, collections management, collections storage,…

Nina Simon's book, The Participatory Museum, explores participatory techniques for encouraging museum interactivity and engagement amongst visitors, to foster deeper connections with museum content and one another, while further the museum mission…

This podcast episode and transcript features hosts Suse Anderson and Ed Rodley as they interview a series of guests about what it means to be a museum. This 2019 episode came in the wake of the International Council of Museum's (ICOM) decision to…

Leonie Hannan and Sarah Longair's book, History Through Material Culture, serves as a guide for analyzing objects and how it informs historical practice. The book encourages the use of objects as historical sources by highlighting the research…

The Material Culture blog post, written by Professor Rebecca Shrum, details what constitutes material culture, how historians employ material culture studies, and how to analyze material culture, with examples.

This Museums Next blog post discusses museum neutrality and whether or not museums and cultural institutions should remain neutral on current social and political issues as organizations that serve the public.
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